Tamaki International (Pvt) Ltd

An infusion of Ceylon Tea and fruits, herbs and spices indigenous to Sri Lanka, Flavored Ceylon Tea is found in many forms, flavors, and blends across the world. Since the beginning of tea drinking in the 3rd Century AD, various blends and types of tea had been mixed with herbs, spices and fruits to enhance the flavor and aroma of tea. Keeping true to this age-old tradition Ceylon Tea manufacturers have created a range of tea flavors using different flavoring methods.

Flavored green tea blends have been a popular drink in Eastern Asian regions, especially in Japan and China, where green tea is an intricate part of their culture and lifestyle. Due to the many health benefits it offers and its gentle flavor, green tea is fast becoming a popular drink around the world, with each tea drinker adopting their own flavor and blend. Ceylon Green Tea Manufacturers have adopted a range of flavored green teas, yet jasmine green tea and mint green tea continue to be the flavors that are mostly in demand.

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