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Coconut shells are a great material for handicrafts, and objects made from coconut shells are a more sustainable alternative to those made out of ceramic. The handicraft sector has always created employment and income opportunities for many Sri Lankans.

But unfortunately, over the years, traditional art and handicrafts have lost their demand in the market. Because of this many artisans have given up on their trades.

Most of the talented artisans in the country, incredibly skilled at making creative coconut shell handicrafts. They create include an array of ornaments such as souvenirs, key chains, lamps, statues and ornamental boxes made from coconut shells. Even they make carved wooden chests, known as pettagam.

They discovered own method in transforming discarded coconut shells into attractive handicrafts and inherited this trade from their relatives in past era.

Coconut shells are delicate items to work with, despite the roughness of the exterior. Even though coconut shell handicrafts have been present in the market for many years,

Coconut shell handicrafts are popular in Vietnam, Malaysia and India. There this a high demand for his products in those countries as well as Sri Lanka, because of unique style.

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