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Sri Lanka captures the love, affection and attraction from the warmest hearts of tourists worldwide. Despite being a relatively small plot of land of about 65,612 square kilometres on the world map, Sri Lanka has been identified and reserved the title as the pearl of the Indian ocean. From the copper-plated coastline to the hinterland, Sri Lanka geographically poses different environmental and climatological conditions in which the fertile soil of the country provides its magical altitude for being an agricultural country where tea, rubber, coconut and spice crops account for a great source of foreign exchange.
Therefore, Sri Lanka competes shoulder to shoulder with other countries in the competitive world market with the Sri Lankan identity and inheritance. Nevertheless, the supreme geography, the picturesque and historical locations of the country pins Sri Lanka as a well-recognized tourists’ destination in the brochures in which the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality is impeccably highlighted.

Exporting Ceylon Pure Tea

Sri Lanka has been exporting pure Ceylon teas since the beginning of time, and every cup of tea throughout the world is charmed by the unique flavor of Sri Lankan tea leaves plucked by experienced hands at Sri Lanka’s most stunning tea estates. Among these stunning flavours, UVA Tea is renowned for being exotically aromatic.

The tea grown in the distant Uva district is thought to have a distinct, identifiable character and exotically aromatic flavor due to its exposure to both northeast and southwest monsoon winds. As a result even Thomas Lipton, the Victorian magnate, encouraged Americans to consume tea cultivated on his Uva plantations. The mellow, smooth taste of Uva tea, once experienced, is unforgettable.

Exporting Sri Lankan Spices

Sri Lankan cuisine’s mouthwatering and spicy flavor is bolstered by the country’s ancient methods of producing a wide range of homegrown spices, which have been noted as a distinct feature that distinguishes Sri Lanka from other countries throughout the world. More than 30,000 tons of various spices are exported each year, and the sector is dominated by smallholders, who control 70 percent of the spice farming. Sri Lankan spices are now available in a variety of forms, from bulk cinnamon and pepper to value-added items such as essential oils.

Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Pepper, Ceylon Cloves, Ceylon Cardamom, and Vanilla are some of the flagships that are produced and exported in large quantities. Sri Lankan spices, in particular, are not only well-known for their powerful flavor, pungency, and aroma, but also they have been scientifically proven for more than simply spices, including several vital elements in alternative medicine, pharmacology, and cosmetics.

Exporting Herbal Products

Herbal items are widely used in Sri Lankan traditional medicine, for living a healthy and happy life. Sri Lanka has a lengthy list of indigenous herbal species dating back to ancient times, and the power of those miracle medicines has been engraved on the Ollas of traditional Sri Lankan remedies. As a result, the use of those herbals to manufacture Ayurvedic and herbal products such as herbal cosmetics, herbal health supplements, and herbal beauty cultural products is well-known.

Coconut Plantation

Sri Lankans who enjoy the variety of flavours of coconut share a spiritual link with the coconut palm, also known as the “Great Kapruka”. A variety of natural and value-added products, such as coconut peat, coconut ekel, coconut water, coconut kernel, coconut fiber, and coconut shell products, have been proudly produced for many years. Due to the distinguishable color and unique taste of Sri Lankan coconut products, Sri Lanka is ranked first in the world for product exports.

Japanese Tourism and Consultation

Sri Lanka has always been a popular tourist destination, for the country’s richness of natural and historical wonders which makes it a tourist hotspot where a variety of experiences can be gained.  Moreover, with it, the tropical environment, appealing tourist destinations, traditional cuisine, and welcoming atmosphere attract visitors from all over the world.

From sublime beaches to wetlands to rivers to wild-life rich jungles and forests such as Sinharaja rainforest, the world-famous Sigiriya fortress to tea plantations are some of the well-known places to visit in Sri Lanka. Moreover, Sri Lanka paints a beautiful picture throughout the year as a country where the calendar is almost filled with religious and cultural celebrations and cultural heritages.

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